Fire Mitigation

Tree CuttingWhen it comes to the safety of your home in Evergreen, CO, fire mitigation is an important factor. As a leading tree contractor in the area, Williams Tree Co also provides this service, further improving the safety of your living environment. We accommodate the planning of a project that will reduce the risk of your home catching fire. Summers get hot, and we understand that this can cause overwhelming damage issues. Our experts will create a mitigation plan for your home, that will be considerate of noise, dust, privacy, and most of all, your love for nature. Our team of devoted professionals possess the skills and knowledge to secure your property.

Forest Wild FireFire mitigation is a necessary precaution that helps removing any fuels from around your house. This will decrease the exposure to heat in case of a wild fire. Wildland fires can include grass, bush, and forest fires. They can be mitigated by constructing a defensible area around your property, and taking other actions to reduce the risk of fire. This also helps fire fighters to put out flames more easily. However, you shouldn’t put your trust and safety into the hands of just any contractor. Fire mitigation is a serious task that needs to be taken care of by an experienced professional.

Because shrubs and trees are continually growing, the created defensible space needs to be frequently maintained. We can help homeowners prevent the risk of fire, by providing them with some of these services:

  • remove limbs, and debris caused by thinning
  • stack firewood at a location that is not too close to your home
  • mow weeds and dead grass
  • trim trees so branches are away from your house
  • reduce the density of the forest around your home

For reliable fire mitigation in Evergreen, CO and all surrounding areas, be sure to contact Williams Tree Co at (303) 679-1867.